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CLEVELAND – The hit of Republican National Convention security was the performance of Cleveland’s new police bike patrols, and Fox 8 has found they will now be used in city neighborhoods.

During the Convention, the bike patrol officers helped control angry protestors. and they scrambled to small disturbances.

The chief says the bikes will next be deployed in every police district. But he says first, the officers will undergo some more training, and the city will buy some more equipment for the bikes.

In other cities such as Fort-Worth, Texas, bike patrol officers respond to all kinds of calls downtown. And they often even make street-level drug arrests.

Cleveland’s chief says you can expect bike patrols here to get involved in a variety of kinds of policing too.

Gwen Garth, an activist on the city’s southeast side, is hoping the bike patrols help improve relations between citizens and police. In fact, police have said the bike patrols do help that way because officers have more face-to-face interaction with the public.

The chief couldn’t give an exact start date for the neighborhood bike patrols, but they are being planned.