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CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM has learned Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s 14-year-old great-grandson was arrested on a gun charge.

This comes as the mayor already has an adult grandson facing a concealed weapons charge.

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Police arrested the 14-year-old Thursday night on the east side. A report shows an officer suspected he might have a gun. The teen took off running and even ran through a stranger’s apartment with police chasing on foot. Police say the teen had a .45 caliber handgun he threw in a dumpster as he ran.

In light of this case, and the gun case with the other relative, the I TEAM went to see the mayor. Citizens are screaming for City Hall to do more to stop the threat of guns and violence. Jackson says the great-grandson spends a lot of time at his house, and records show the grandson uses that address. We asked, “How can people have faith in you to do something about the gun problem when you have a gun problem in your house?”

The Mayor answered, “I don’t live in Mayberry. I don’t live in Pleasantville. I face all the challenges of everyone else.”

In fact, Jackson lives just blocks away from where the 14-year-old got arrested in the Central neighborhood. As mayor, he gets 24-7 police protection, but he says he can relate to the problems so many people face in the city because of where he lives.

Jackson said, “There’s no shield, there’s no bubble around me and my family.”

But at that home where the teen ran trying to get away from police, Camilla Smith said she expects more from the Mayor. When first finding out the boy was related to the mayor, Smith shook her head and said, “That’s bad.” She added, “You got to take care of home first.”

Jackson argues he’s been doing much more to fight juvenile crime and get guns off the street. But he believes his family and yours are both at risk until there’s a citywide impact. He added, “I really want to resolve the problem because the impact on me is no different than on anyone else.”

CMHA Police say they’re pursuing charges in juvenile court against the 14-year-old for the gun and for running through that apartment. Records show the case in adult court against the grandson is in the early stages of moving forward.