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CLEVELAND – A Cleveland police dispatcher has received a 6 days suspension for sleeping on duty, and the FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained police radio tapes showing her snoring after taking a call.

The discipline has been issued to Jasmin Thomas.

In March, the I-TEAM revealed the internal investigation. Now that the punishment has been handed out, we’re learning more, and the city has released dispatch tapes after a public records request.

On one call, records show, Thomas took ten seconds to answer and forty seconds to transfer to firefighters for a burning stove.

On another call, you can hear Thomas answer, you don’t hear a person at the other end, but you can hear Thomas snoring five seconds after that.

While the police department suspended the dispatcher, discipline papers show she had been warned before about sleeping on duty. Records show she plead no contest to the internal charges.

The I-TEAM wanted to talk to the chief about this case and the punishment. So we filed a request here at headquarters. Didn’t take long to get a response. A spokesperson wrote back simply, “Declined.”

When we first reported the investigation, many of you were alarmed to hear of a dispatcher sleeping on duty.

The Cleveland Police Union President spoke for Thomas and said this experience has led her to change her lifestyle a little bit. Steve Loomis said, “Not excuses, but the reality is that she’s a single mom. She’s going to college full-time, and she’s working 40, 50, sometimes 60 hours a week up there.”

This investigation comes as the number of calls to Cleveland 9-1-1 has skyrocketed. Not all that long ago, Cleveland began handling all cell phone 9-1-1 calls which previously had been handled by county dispatchers.