I-TEAM: City adding new signs after 3 more incidents of wrong-way drivers on Shoreway

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CLEVELAND — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has learned of three more wrong-way drivers on the Shoreway just west of downtown, an area where police already have special equipment because of past trouble with wrong-way drivers.

The latest cases all happened in the last week and they all happened at the West 28th Street exit.

Months ago, the I-TEAM revealed, Cleveland Police and the Ohio Department of Transportation had installed a system of cameras and sensors at the West 28th ramp to the Shoreway. The equipment helps detect wrong-way drivers and alerts dispatchers so that they can call police to the scene. The system also sets off flashing lights to alert drivers they’re going in the wrong direction.

While police responded to three of these calls in the last week, the I-TEAM reported three others in recent months. Again, all in the same area.

Drivers have witnessed cars going the wrong way and have seen the confusion at that ramp.

One woman said, “Yes! Even though it says, ‘Do not enter’, it still is a little confusing.”

Another added, “They definitely should somehow mark it a little bit better.”

Some drivers point out the divider between lanes doesn’t start until part of the way up the ramp. Could that be part of the problem?

Months ago, the I-TEAM asked City Hall if crews would be doing anything new to keep drivers from going the wrong way. City Hall sent people out and they concluded, at that time, the ramp has enough signs.

Now, we’re asking again.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said any changes at that ramp would be up to the City of Cleveland. And now, the city says new signs will go up.

Not clear exactly when the signs will go up, or what will be different. But the Mayor’s office says some changes are now in the works.

Meantime, the last three wrong-way drivers all quickly turned around or backed up. But others disappeared and it’s unclear where or how they got off of the Shoreway.

And, the danger can be deadly. A wrong-way crash near downtown last year did, in fact, turn fatal.

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