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(WJW) — Following the death of longtime actor Kirstie Alley from cancer, many of her friends and colleagues shared their feelings publicly Monday night.

The 71-year-old’s good friend John Travolta, whom she starred with in 1989’s “Look Who’s Talking,” made clear this isn’t the end.

“Kirstie was one of the most special relationships I’ve ever had. I love you Kirstie,” he said in an Instagram post. “I know we will see each other again.”

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 22: Kirstie Alley and John Travolta attend the premiere of Quiver Distribution’s “The Fanatic” at the Egyptian Theatre on August 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Kelsey Grammer, who of course starred on “Cheers” with Alley, offered a short statement to “Variety” regarding her passing: “I always believed grief for a public figure is a private matter, but I will say, I loved her.”

In her later years, Alley appeared on Ryan Murphy’s series “Scream Queens.” And Jamie Lee Curtis, said she loved getting to know her during that time.

“I’ve just heard the sad news that Kirstie Alley has died. She was a great comic foil in @tvscreamqueens and a beautiful mama bear in her very real life,” she recalled in an Instagram post. “She helped me buy onesies for my family that year for Christmas. We agreed to disagree about some things but had a mutual respect and connection. Sad news.”

An actor who appeared with Alley on her show “Veronica’s Closet,” had kind words for her and her family.

“I just head the news about Kirstie Alley,” said Ever Carradine on Twitter. “I’ve not spoke w/ her forever, but have her to thank for launching my career. She told me I was funny every single day on Veronica’s Closet, and I believed her. She threw the best parties and gave the parakeets as our wrap gift. Godspeed.”

The Kansas-born actor was reportedly surrounded by her family at the time of her passing.