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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) – Meet a 13-year-old boy who’s ready for a new start and a family he can rely on. Ben lost his mom a few years ago. Now he is hoping another mom — and a dad too — will see how smart and thoughtful he is and decide to make him their son.

The Museum of Illusions inside Union Station in Kansas City was the perfect way to get this science lover thinking.

It’s his favorite subject in school. He is fascinated by physics, chemical reactions and how the Earth works.

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Ben is polite and easygoing. He likes riding bikes, playing video games and enjoys watching baseball. He says he thinks a lot about being adopted, and his future. He’s not concerned about what kind of parents he would get. 

“It doesn’t matter to me. As long as I have parents, I’m good,” Ben said.

Ben came into foster care a few years ago when his mother passed away. They were very close, and she was his only parent.

“That’s the main thing I want is really just a mom,” Ben said.

He will always miss his mom, but he hopes another woman can help guide him into adulthood.

“They’d probably help me find a job and get a car,” Ben said.

He would like to have a few siblings if possible, and he definitely wants a dog. He’d like to get a puppy so he can watch it grow.

Ben isn’t sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but he knows he wants it to be the kind of life most of us hope for.

“I’m not saying I want to be rich. I just want to have a decent amount of money, a good house, a family — I just want to be an average human,” Ben said.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how to adopt Ben, please get in touch with Megan Fisher, the Adoption Coordinator for Jackson County at 816-889-2144.

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