LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) — More than a dozen residents and flood victims are blindsided by eviction notices telling them they must move out by Sept. 30.

“I’m very confused. I don’t know how we’ve gone from a two-day notice to replace carpet to a notice and order that I have to move out,” said Della Van Antwerp.

She said they received the notices this week at Oak Hills West Apartments in Lorain.

About 18 lower units were flooded during severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall Aug. 23 to Aug. 24.

“The flooding was pretty bad,” said Van Antwerp. “First, I was told that they were gonna replace all of our carpet and then I got a notice after I got out of the hospital that I’m now being evicted because my apartment is uninhabitable.”

On Thursday night, FOX 8 News attempted to contact United Property Management, which is listed on the eviction notices, but was unable to speak with them or the property manager. 

Van Antwerp said she knows of at least one person who is being relocated to another unit.

She and others who asked not to be identified are hoping they will be able to stay too.

“I don’t understand why I can’t be put up in a hotel or something while my apartment is fixed and allowed to come back home,” said Van Antwerp. “I’ve planted flowers, I’ve landscaped the front of my building. I mean, this is my home.”

Van Antwerp said she has tried calling other apartment complexes but those in her price range have waiting lists of at least a year and Oak Hills West is holding all of their security deposits until after they move out.

When asked what she will do, she replied, “I’m probably going to be living in my car.”

She and other residents became choked up and nearly broke down in tears as they pleaded with the owner and managers to reconsider.

“Please somehow, some way, like — I’m willing to put my stuff in storage so you can fix my apartment and let me come home. I have nowhere to go,” she said.