AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – James Starks, aka “Coach Bossy,” opened his “BossFitted” gym two years ago.

In that time, he’s trained dozens of men and women of all ages, but it wasn’t until Halloween of last year that special client NaConna Skipper came to his gym.

“I had told her I’ve never worked with anybody with MS (multiple sclerosis) before,” Starks said. “So I told her, ‘I’m not worried about what you can do. I’m going to get you in here and see what you can do.’”

NaConna was diagnosed with MS in 2011. Her legs weakened by the disease, she was forced to use a cane. However, that changed quickly last fall.

“I stopped using a cane about three weeks after I came in,” Skipper said.

The results were almost instant.

“What he said that sold me is, ‘we’re not going to focus on what you can’t do. We’re going to focus on what you can do,’ and that’s what he did,” Skipper said.

Fast forward more than six months later to this past Saturday. NaConna went to participate in the Walk MS one-mile walk in downtown Akron. Her left leg started to give out about 150 yards from the finish line. She didn’t think she would finish. Then something magical happened.

“She said she couldn’t walk no more,” Starks said. “I said, ‘listen, I’m going to put you on my shoulders and carry you the rest of the way.’”

“He scooped me up like a baby or toddler, put me on his shoulders and got me to where I needed to go,” Skipper chuckled. “It made me feel that I had love and encouragement behind me.”

Starks carried NaConna about 100 yards. He stopped about 40 yards short of the finish line. NaConna wanted to complete her walk on her own with son, nephew, friends and of course, her trainer, by her side.

“Oh my goodness, I felt like a superstar,” Skipper cried. “I felt accomplished.”

NaConna hopes anyone dealing with any time of physical disability or mental distress can learn from her journey.

“To not give up. To fight every single day. Whatever aliment you’re going through, do not let that get the best of you and that you can survive,” NaConna said.