CLEVELAND (WJW) — “I don’t know how I survived it. I honestly do not know how I survived it at all,” said Keith Schofield.

Three months ago, Schofield’s car flipped over the I-90 overpass onto West 98th St. in Cleveland.

“This leg,” he said gesturing to his left leg, “was in front of the steering wheel, so I had broken my femur.”

That and damage to his vertebrae put him in the hospital several times.

On Jan. 20, the youth basketball coach was driving his Chevy Equinox back home from Lorain.

ODOT video shows once he reached the city, a dark car next to him lost control and pushed his car toward a snowbank he believes a plow created from a previous storm days before. 

“No one considered that, well, maybe this might be a bad situation in case someone were to hit it and the way I hit it, it was like skiing, and you hit a ski slope and it just took me over,” Schofield said.

On Feb. 7, a vehicle hit a pile of snow on the left lane of I-90.

Minutes later, a Toyota Corolla swerved to avoid that accident, causing it to barrel toward the same snowbank that Schofield hit.

Police said it too flipped onto West 98th, with an 18-year-old woman inside. 

“I cried. That’s all I could do was cry. Fortunately, she wasn’t severely hurt,” said Schofield.

ODOT says they were not aware of Schofield’s accident and only learned of the danger the snowbank caused after the second accident. 

“That is not out of the ordinary for us to be notified after a crash has happened,” said Spokesperson Brent Kovacs.

He says after a crash, a police report is filled out and sent to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, but there is no specific time frame. 

“Once that report is submitted to the Department of Public Safety, ODOT then gets it a couple weeks after that.”

When ODOT finally learned of the accidents, they went to investigate the site. 

“We removed the snow that was next to the guardrail. We also made sure the drainage structures were working properly to remove that water off the roadway,” said Kovacs.

Currently living with his daughter, Schofield says he’s grateful for his entire family for taking care of him. 

“I’ve got to get myself healthy. I’ve got to get back to being an independent person again.”

Schofield says police have not been in touch with him since the crash and feels they’re not doing enough to find the driver who hit him.

Police say they have not received any additional information, but the case is still open and will be investigated further if they learn anything new.