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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Saturday night, a dream began for a wonderful young couple. You might even say it began in a flash.

Brooke Aldous, on two week leave from the National Guard, showed up to the Velvet Dog in downtown Cleveland thinking she would be meeting up with friends she hadn’t seen in a long time.

But what she didn’t know is that her boyfriend Cameron, who also serves in the National Guard, had a plan up his sleeve.

“Everybody here is in on it, but she has no idea,” said Fox 8’s Elisa Amigo, Cameron’s sister.

“She’s been in Afghanistan for about four or five months,” said Isidro Amigo, Cameron’s dad. “She’s been home for just a few days and Cameron has concocted this whole thing. She is going to fall out of her chair.”

The song starts to play, and everyone on the roof breaks out into a flash mob. But then, to Brooke’s surprise, Cameron joins in. The mob, filled with many of their friends and family, finishes their dance by forming a tunnel. The couple runs through, and at the end Cameron pops the big question. She, of course, says yes.

“She loves flash mobs she always has,” said Cameron. “This is where we first met so that’s why I wanted to do it here.”

“I am shocked,” said Brooke. “I’m still shaking; I had no idea.”