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MANSFIELD, Ohio– Two women are accused of robbing a bakery where an elderly employee paid them with donuts instead of cash.

“I come early in the morning and get everything ready to go,” said Dixie Guegold, 78, who has been in the baking business for 13 years.

On Tuesday at approximately five in the morning, Dixie was alone inside her son’s business, Buckeye Bakers and Schneider’s Too, when two masked women walked inside.

“She had a white rag or whatever you want to call it. It look like a diaper on her face and the other girl was behind her. I said, ‘oh, are you sick? She said, no I’m here to rob you,’” said Dixie.

At first, she didn’t think the female suspects were serious, but according to Dixie, one said, “I want 20 bucks and I said, I’m sorry but I don’t have $20. That’s my exact words! I said the man who brings the money for me to run through the day hasn’t came yet. I said all I’m doing is packing up orders and getting things ready to go for the day.”

Dixie didn’t have cash, but she did have something else to offer.

“I said I can give you donuts and something cold to drink but I can’t give you any money.”

Her son, George Guegold, had some concerns about how his mom handled the situation but he is just happy that she’s okay.

“You know, it’s just, I really don’t know what to say about that,” he said while laughing.

The two suspects did grab the donuts and hit the road in a stolen vehicle. According to the police in Mansfield, they have both been identified and the stolen vehicle was recovered.

This was the first time Dixie has been robbed inside the bakery but just a few weeks ago, her car was parked out front when someone broke the window and stole her purse.

“Had to do everything over again, license, everything,” said George.

“I think I should have some kind of protection,” said Dixie. “I’m thinking about mace or something, because when there’s nobody around, you think, what am I going to do?”

Her son now wakes up earlier in the day so his mom isn’t alone in the bakery where, according to Dixie, it’s back to business as usual.

“It is what it is; you can’t do nothing about it,” she said. “You’re here; that’s it.”