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BEREA, Ohio — As Easter approaches, a Berea mother is sharing why she answered the call she says came from a higher power to serve children in need.

Abigail Brown says she grew up with a deep sense of family and faith. As her business, Salon Front and Center, began to take off in Berea she felt the need to do more with the extra comforts of her life.

“I have all faith in God that he will direct our path and where we are supposed to be and I really feel that’s what led me to becoming a mother,” said Brown.

“I feel that God placed signs over and over in my life in the last three or four years, very specifically targeted towards foster care.”

Brown became a licensed foster parent, just 10 days later she received a call from OhioGuidestone about a little girl who needed a home.

Yet when Jenna Brown, who was nine years old at the time, met Abigail, she was only concerned with the answer to one question.

“If she believed in God or not and she did,” said Jenna, 10. “I believe in God and it’s just very important to me.”

So was this, finding a permanent, loving and faith-filled home before her birthday.

“I wished that I got adopted on my tenth birthday and it came true,” said Jenna.

The two have been a legal family since December and say they can’t imagine things any other way.

“When I first saw Jenna I instantly fell in love with her; it was love at first sight and I knew that this was it — that she was my family and I haven’t doubted it since,” said Brown.

According to a spokesperson for OhioGuidestone, there is a critical need for more foster parents throughout various Ohio agencies.

OhioGuidestone receives more than 1,000 referrals every year. Due to their limited foster homes, 233 foster children were placed last year.

The agency is in urgent need for additional foster homes licensed and willing to accept medically fragile children.

Learn more about OhioGuidestone, here.