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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Road work expected to protect homes from cars sliding off an interstate off-ramp or missing the turn was finished Sunday.

The ramp at the Interstate 90 East exit onto West Boulevard was reopened on Sunday night, the Ohio Department of Transportation confirmed.

The off-ramp slopes down to a T-shaped intersection at West Boulevard, directly across from several homes that have for decades sustained damage from sliding or out-of-control cars.

“Anybody can be killed. I mean we could be inside the house and get killed. We’re not safe even inside the house,” resident Mildred Santana told FOX 8 News last month, just days after another car took out the back corner of her home’s foundation.

Emergency work began after last month’s crash. The first phase was completed on Sunday, said West Boulevard resident Sherry Heart.

Interstate 90 East at West Boulevard in Cleveland (Courtesy of Sherry Heart)

Ohio Department of Transportation workers added a splitter island to the intersection, which will force cars to turn left or right, said spokesperson Brent Kovacs. A second island on the roadway acts as a backup stop for cars that go straight through the intersection.

“We look forward to this work improving safety in the area,” Kovacs said.