NORWALK, Ohio (WJW) – Meet Tyson.

He was born with a birth defect that affects his front legs…but he gets around just fine and loves a belly rub.

He’s just one of more than 60 cats in a shelter that was built for about 40.

Over on the dog side of things, it’s even more packed.

The Huron County Humane Society has 12 kennels and in a good situation can accommodate about 12 to 15 dogs.

They have 34.

“We’ve had four large-scale humane cases in the last few months we’ve taken in. We have numerous cats, we have 15 dogs that were brought in, four puppies, five cats from that case,” Huron County Humane Society Investigator Daphne Nelson said.

They’re so cramped for space that you can find dogs in the conference room, in the clinic and even in the humane investigator’s office.

They’re running tight on food for all the animals and the little things they need like blankets, towels dog bowls, toys and yes, even space.

More importantly, some of the dogs that were brought in one of the humane cases need treatment badly.

“Out of 15 dogs that were brought in, we have seven, no, I’m sorry five that have tested positive for heartworm and in varying stages of that,” Nelson said.

The shelter is asking for help.

Donations to help pay for some of the medical care are the most immediate need but donations of blankets, towels, food and toys will go a long way to help the humane society deal with this big influx of animals.

The Huron County Humane Society is like most organizations that help pets: They are overcrowded, not just with humane seizures, but surrendered pets and lots of strays.

They’ve reached out to rescues and other facilities, and they’re also close or at capacity.

The best way to ease any overcrowding is to simply adopt if you can because a good home means more room to help others.

“Having this many animals stops us from helping people who need to surrender animals because we don’t have the space to take those animals.”

Nelson said, “Our community has always stepped up in big ways in the past and we’re hoping they’ll step up again and help us out so we can continue with our mission.”

The best way to help would be to adopt and give a cat or dog a good home.

But they could also use cash donations to help with medical costs and donations of food, blankets, towels and cleaning supplies.

For more information, you can follow this link.