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Math lovers: Get excited! Today is National Pi Day.

That’s not pie as in dessert. But as in the math symbol — the Greek letter Pi.

Keeping it simple, it’s 3.14 — like March 14.

But says people have calculated pi to more than 1 trillion digits beyond the decimal point. Some people challenge themselves to memorize as many of those numbers past the decimal point as they can.

Others — they look for deals!

— Bakers Square: Take $2 off pie orders. The double crust fruit pi will include the mathematical pi symbol on the crust.
— Blaze Pizza: Land any pizza pie for $3.14.
— Boston Market: Free chicken pot pie with any individual meal and drink purchase.
— Hungry Howies: Purchase any Howie Bread and get a medium, one-topping pizza for $3.14.
— Villa Italian Kitchen: Get a whole cheese pizza for $3.14.
— Whole Foods: Get $3.14 off any large bakery pie or large ‘Take & Bake’ pizza.