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BAY VILLAGE–With prayers, tears, and love, it was an outpouring of support after a weekend tragedy in Sheffield Lake. People are mourning the loss of Sidney Heidrick, 4, after police say he drowned.

Sunday night people in the community of Bay Village, where the boy lived, there was a prayer service in his name.

Hundreds came to Bay Arts near Huntington Beach to support the boy’s family. Many people who have joined the family on Sunday night spent some of their weekend searching for the little boy. Many tell Fox 8 the event was important for healing.

Sidney’s family was also in attendance, heartbroken.

Heidrick had autism, and for many the tragedy hit close to home.

“When I found out he had autism it really hits home because I work with those kids. He would have been mine in a couple years just hits home,” said Debbie Kerver, who volunteered in the search.

“I have children who I work with are his age so they sometimes do not react the same way the children who are typical react. So was very difficult to know he could be out there alone,” Debbie Hohman said. Hohman tells Fox 8 she also worked with children who have autism.

“Our kids are everybody’s kids the communities it’s your babies it’s not just mine it’s everybody’s baby,” said community member, Debbie Love.

According to authorities, Heidrick, went missing from his grandparents Sheffield Lake home on Friday night. A major search with several police agencies, the FBI, and the Coast Guard began. Hundreds of community members also volunteered.

It was a fight to find a little boy until Saturday afternoon, when police say his body was found in Lake Erie. Authorities tell Fox 8 Heidrick was found a quarter of a mile away from his grandparents home on Lake Road.

Friends and family are sharing their memories of Sidney on a special Facebook page titled “In Memory of Sidney Heidrick“.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family during this time. Friends are hoping this will help cover any “funeral expenses, bills, and support the family for any time off they need to take from work.” Click here to visit that page.