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TAMPA – Videos have been popping up all over the place of animals running around helplessly with cups stuck on their heads.

Some may find it funny, but humane society activists say it is no joke.

According to ABC Action News, many animals are dying from getting trapped. One of the worst containers are the Yoplait yogurt cups as they are more narrow at the top and have a ridge inside, which can trap the animals.

“They suffocate because there’s not much air in those cups. They may get hit by cars when they run across roadways,” says Laura Simon of the Humane Society’s Urban Wildlife Program.

Even the animals who don’t wander into traffic can die of starvation.

Simon has been working for decades to get General Mills, the company that owns Yoplait, to redesign the cup.

When ABC Action News contacted General Mills they referred to a comment that says, “Protect wildlife. Crush cup before disposal.”

But Simon doesn’t think that message is working.

“If only that Yoplait container design can be changed, it would save thousands of skunks and other wild animals” said Simon.