HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) – The Hudson Police Department is warning residents after a rash a thefts and break-ins involving locked vehicles, but detectives say people across Northeast Ohio should also pay attention to some important reminders.

“Came out of class and noticed that my back window was completely shattered,” said theft victim Jennifer Reece.

Reece experienced quite a shock when she finished her workout at Pure Barre workout studio in Hudson around 6:30 a.m. Monday. She had only been inside for about 50 minutes when she came outside and noticed the rear driver’s side window of her 2022 Nissan Murano shattered.

“Immediately noticed that the stuff that was in my car was gone, you know, your phone, your purse, all that,” Reece said.

Unfortunately, Jennifer wasn’t the only person targeted in the parking lot, which is near a relatively busy street, Route 303.

“I went running back in and said ‘I need you to call police. My car, the windows were smashed out’ and then another girl ran out and said ‘Oh my gosh, mine too,'” Reece said.

“Very bold. They’re in and out of there within a minute, as fast as they can smash that window and grab the purse or bags that are in the vehicle. They’re in the getaway vehicle and gone,” said Hudson police chief Perry Tabak.

Hudson police say just a few weeks ago, there was a similar early morning car break-in at the Orangetheory Fitness in Hudson.

“All three involved suspects, smashing windows out and taking unattended items–purses, credit cards, cell phone–out of the vehicles,” said Chief Tabak.

The chief warns all resident to be aware of the recent break-ins and thefts, not only people who live in Hudson.

“We work with all the detective agencies around Summit County and even in other counties and, right now, there’s been a rash of similar types of thefts from motor vehicles in Northeast Ohio, so our detectives are in the process of working with these other agencies to see if there’s any other connections,” said Chief Tabak.

Jennifer says the break-in is an unfortunate reminder to never let down her guard, and to always take her purse and cell phone with her.

“That’s one place that I always feel pretty safe going into, like especially knowing where it is and knowing the area so well, so I was really caught off guard and kind of freaked out, especially because the police said, ‘they’re probably watching you,’” said Reece.

Residents and businesses in the area have been trying to get the word out through social media and word of mouth to make sure people stay alert.

Police want to remind people that even in typically safe neighborhoods to lock your car, take your keys and fobs with you and store valuables either in the trunk, glove box or armrest. If possible, take them with you.

The Hudson police chief wanted to pass on a list of safety tips.