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HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) — One month after police busted a massive house party in Hudson, the city hosted a public forum to discuss how they plan to deal with short-term rentals.

Neighbors reported as many as 400 people partying at a house that was rented out online back on October 10.

Thursday night, Hudson City Council hosted an online public forum to discuss ways to prevent this from happening again, which included a moratorium.

“It is a 180-day ban on short-term rentals, set to expire in 180 days,” said Matt Vazzana, city solicitor.

The city says the moratorium would not affect existing bed and breakfast establishments.

But according to Police Chief Perry Tabak, long-term legislation is needed so that police can respond more appropriately.

“We can’t just kick in people’s doors because music is too loud,” said Tabak.

In the meantime, Tabak says Hudson police are working with other area police departments on training and cooperation in massive gatherings and loud noise-type situations.

Resident after resident voiced their complaints about short-term rentals.

“I live next door to this house. There were 300-400 people, drunk teenagers,” said Linda O’Grady.

Others voiced their concerns over restricting personal property rights.

“Short term rentals are not the problem, the parties are the problem,” said Mary Donatelli.

In the end, the city council said more discussion is needed on enforcement of a temporary moratorium and then a permanent solution.

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