**Watch a past report on the book debate in the above video**

HUDSON, Ohio (WJW)– Hudson City Schools officials continue to review a book after parents criticized so-called adult content available in the high school library.

It started in September when some parents raised concerns over a book called “642 Things to Write About,” which was given to high school students taking a college-level course through Hiram College.

The situation escalated when Hudson Mayor Craig Shubert called the content “child porn” and encouraged charges be filed. The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the case and noted the parents who complained had signed a waiver. The book had been part of the writing curriculum for 6 years.

Following the discussion over “642 Things to Write About,” members of the community took issue with three other books in the Hudson High School library.

“A Girl on the Shore” will not be put back into circulation. The school district said it was determined it was, “Pervasively vulgar and lacked educational suitability.”

“Lawn Boy” was reviewed and was placed back in the library.

“It was found to be well-written and engaging, and provides literary value to students in high school facing challenges similar the the main character, who is Mexican, economically impoverished and gay,” a Hudson City Schools spokeswoman said on Thursday.

The third book, “Gender Queer,” will be reviewed further. The principal found it provided valuable insight and unique perspective into the issues facing the LGBTQ community, but the person who initially raised the concerns was not satisfied with this result.

A seven-member committee will now examine “Gender Queer” to decide if it will go back into circulation. The committee is made up of two teachers, three parents, one librarian and the assistant superintendent.