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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Browns fans are working through several hurdles this week to attend this Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, but the season ticket member presale for the Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills game at Ford Feild in Detroit started Friday at 2 p.m.

The NFL had to move the Browns game that was set to be in Buffalo due to a “paralyzing” snowfall in the city.

The National Weather Service is predicting large amounts of snow for the Buffalo, New York, area continuing through 1 p.m. Sunday, kickoff time for the Cleveland Browns‘ game against the Buffalo Bills.

Now fans with tickets to the game in Buffalo are figuring out how to score tickets as the steps unfold in real-time.

Mike Drake is a lifelong Browns fan, season ticket holder and a Muni Lot regular. He had tickets in the lower bowl at Highmark Stadium and was looking forward to the game, even in the snow. But now his plans are redirected to Detroit.

“We travel to three or four away games a year,” Drake said. “Buffalo was a lock, that they moved it to Detroit is a no-brainer. Instead of going right we’re going left.”

Drake had his hopes set on attending a blizzard bowl, but pivoting to Detroit isn’t the worst thing in the world.

“Yeah, you get to tailgate, get all that experience,” he said. “Actually be warm and see a Browns game, so hopefully we pull the win out and it will be a good time.”

Drake said his original tickets are set to be refunded and he will have to purchase new tickets through Ford Field’s website or Ticketmaster. There’s a chance he could save some money if the tickets are cheaper.

“I was gonna spend that money either way,” he said. “If the tickets are cheaper awesome, great, but that money’s ready to rock and roll. So, whatever we get, we get – I’ll be fine with it. Doesn’t matter about the price.”

Eric “Cold Chill” Brooks is another die-hard fan that was planning to go to Buffalo. As his nickname suggests, he is ready to brave the elements. But now that things have changed, he said all he can do is adapt.

“I reached out to a couple of people of mine (in Detroit),” Brooks said. “I do have two tickets ready for me so I’ll be ready to make that trip.”

Brooks said it’s all about loyalty to the Browns, which is why he wants fans to come and support the team in Detroit.

“Go ‘head on,” Brooks said. “It’s gonna be indoors, 70 degrees, we don’t have to worry about the elements. It’s only a couple hour drive, you know, let’s go. Let’s go out and support this team. It’s a must-win.”

Drake is hoping the game will be an unofficial Browns home game since Buffalo’s fan base is snowed in.

“Browns fans travel very well,” Drake said. “I have no doubt that it will be a Browns home game for us.”

Season ticket members will receive a link in their email to access the sale, according to the Buffalo Bills website. Fans will be about to buy six tickets per account.

If tickets remain, the general public sale will take place Saturday.