CLEVELAND (WJW) — They’re hot and salty, crispy yet soft, so it’s no wonder McDonald’s French fries are consistently considered among the best in the fast-food landscape.

For those whose mouths are already watering just thinking about these golden potato snacks, you’ll want to know about how to get free fries every Friday through the end of the year.

Yes, McDonald’s is offering the deal to those who are signed up for the app and contactless payment. Meaning unfortunately, you can’t just roll into any restaurant during lunch on Fridays and expect them to hand you free medium fries at the counter.

(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for McDonald’s)

On top of downloading the app, fry fiends also have to make a $1 purchase to snag the deal. Each customer can only get one box of free fries per Friday.

Find out more about the McDonald’s app and rewards program right here.