(WJW) — Looking to get paid to go on a beach vacation?

As the title retro beach motelier implies, hotels.com wants someone to visit kitschy beach motels across the United States and report back on their adventures.

“Travelers these days tend to search for all-inclusive hotels and resorts when planning their summer getaways, but our retro each motelier is out to prove that beach motels can be just as luxurious,” Melissa Dohmen of Hotels.com said in a statement. “These timeless motels are not only budget-friendly but will transport beachgoers — literally and figuratively — back in time to truly disconnect and relax.” 

The person selected for this cushy gig, which hotels.com claims is not an actual job but more of a contest, gets a $10,000 stipend for the rest of the summer and $5,000 to spend on food. The website is also supplying the retro beach motelier with throw-back beach items like striped umbrellas, a cooler, solar-powered radio and more. The winner is also gets to bring one other person along for the ride.

If this seems like your idea of a good time, applications can be found right here.

The decision is going to be announced Aug. 12 and only those 21 and over can apply.