CHESTER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – April Orloski says her worst fear came true this week. 

“He texted me saying they were in a shelter in place, and they were going to be released and sent home,” explained Orloski.

That message was from April’s son, a senior student at West Geauga High School, who was coming home earlier that day because someone had brought a gun to school

“So that is not how I wanted to find anything out. When he came home, he was panicked, shaking, and terrified.”

Chesterland police say that it was a student who found a bullet in the bathroom during class Monday morning.

It eventually led to the arrest of 18-year-old Brandon Morissette

April’s son is the student who found that bullet.

“I immediately was just terrified by what could have happened had he not walked into that bathroom. Had he not used that stall. He just so happened to walk into the stall where the bullet was,” shared Orloski. 

Chesterland Police Chief Craig Young shared in a press conference on Wednesday what investigators found in Morissette’s backpack. 

“During our interview with Mr. Morrissette, he admitted to using prior calculation and design in developing a plan to cause harm to students at West Geauga High School on April 3,” Young said. “He further acknowledged the firearm seized by law enforcement on Monday was the weapon he intended to use to inflict that harm.”

April says her son was in class with Morissette Monday morning.

Knowing Morissette’s plan brings the worst thoughts to her mind.

“He could have just started right then. So, we don’t know my son walking into the class, telling them what he found…instantly made him a target and he could have been shot right then,” said Orloski.