CLEVELAND (WJW) – A FOX 8 I-Team investigation has found how often city of Cleveland security cameras are down for repair.

The I-Team also learned what’s being done about it.

Tuesday, the I-Team noticed a repairman fixing yet another city security camera at West 3rd and Lakeside.

We’ve been investigating after finding the cameras down time and again, missing evidence.

It even happened on New Year’s Eve. That night, police say an 18-year-old woman carjacked and murdered police officer Shane Bartek, but the I-Team learned that city security cameras were not working.

The I-Team acquired records outlining repairs needed for those cameras citywide over the last year and a half. The repairs are outlined in 23 pages.

When the I-Team first asked for repair records for city cameras, city hall denied it, claiming that somehow that might give away security secrets.

So, we appealed to the law department. We received records heavily blacked out, but they reveal enough to show chronic problems with the system.

The maintenance log shows, on one date, a dozen cameras were down. The log also shows some camera outages day after day, even three days in a row.

Another entry outlines a long list of problems with the system.

Cleveland Police have come to count on the cameras for gathering evidence, but so often, they’re no help.

City Council Public Safety Committee Chairman Michael Polensek has also been looking into this.

“There is a lack of maintenance. I’ve already spoken to the safety director,” he said. “We want to see more safety and security cameras, but it’s one thing to put them up. It’s another thing to maintain them. So, I can tell you it’s of great concern.”

Late Tuesday, the mayor’s office issued a statement saying the problem is being addressed.

The statement said, “The city is covered by more than 1,800 cameras, with more than 1,500 cameras making up the Smart CLE Program. The city uses a system that tracks the status of the operability of these cameras.  The city is in the process of entering into a new maintenance contract, as the previous contract expired on December 31, 2021. With approximately 5% of cameras in need of repair, we will ensure that these cameras are up and running expeditiously.”

Councilman Polensek says the city has about $4 million for more cameras.