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CLEVELAND (WJW) – After dealing with the latest big snowstorm, many people just want to think about spring. So the question is, will it come sooner or will it come later?

Back in late October, FOX 8 meteorologists predicted that December would be the cold month this winter, but a blocking pattern on Dec. 1 essentially flipped the two months, making December mostly mild and January was the cold month.

Heading into mid-February and March, the FOX 8 team believes the worst is behind us.

We’re predicting 56 to 58 inches of total snowfall, which is adjusted down a little bit because the main storm track took care of business in January. We need 26 inches more to stay on track.

We’re expecting normal temperatures and two inches below average snowfall for February, and 2 degrees warmer and normal snowfall for March.

It’s going to turn into a relatively normal winter despite having some really wild swings in there.