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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I TEAM has found the City of Cleveland overpaid a snow plow driver more than $41,000.

We recently revealed an internal investigation into a city plow driver paid a lot more over the winter than he should have been paid.

Now, Mayor Justin Bibb’s Office tells us the total amount overpaid is $41, 471.10.

The only explanation the city has provided blames the mistake on a “clerical error.”

No decision has been made on discipline yet.

Meantime, the city has hired an outside collections firm to work on getting back the tax payer’s money.

Monday, Councilman Kevin Conwell reacted when the I-TEAM told him the amount of money overpaid.

Conwell wondered how no one had been watching payroll as that worker cashed extra large paychecks.

“Payroll has to always be monitored and controlled, especially when it’s a high percentage of our budget in the City of Cleveland,” said Conwell. “You have to monitor payroll. That’s important. I’m not happy.”

The Mayor’s Office explained hiring the outside collections firm by saying, “Ohio law prohibits an employer from ‘self-help’ (i.e. an employer cannot unilaterally garnish wages without a court order or consent of the employee).”

The Mayor’s Office also said the overpaid worker is still employed as a seasonal employee.

A spokesperson wrote in an e-mail: “The City is evaluating the proper discipline by balancing punishment with the need to recover the most amount possible for our taxpayers. “