(WJW) — Kia and Hyundai automakers are providing people with free club wheel locks in two Northeast Ohio cities. This comes after a TikTok trend caused a rash of car break-ins across the country.

The Parma Heights Police Department and the Strongsville Police Department both put out notices Monday that their departments had been supplied with a limited number of club wheel locks.

As of Tuesday morning at around 8 a.m., Parma Heights police said they are out of clubs.

If you live in Strongsville and own a Hyundai with a key ignition you are eligible. Strongsville says they are working to get anti-theft devices for Kia vehicles.

These locks were provided by the Kia and Hyundai automakers who say they are trying to help while they come up with a more permanent solution to the recent string of break-ins.

People have been breaking into these models across the country after a trend was inspired by a “how to” video and challenge posted on TikTok. It shows people how to start these models with just a USB cord and other common items.

Police say many of the suspects are young teenagers. They say a lot of times the teens just take the cars on joy rides and then ditch them.

However, the cars then sit in the repair shop for months because the parts are on backorder.

If you have one of these vehicles, police recommend you harden the target by making sure you park it in an area where it is well-lit with a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. If you can, they advise that you secure your car in a garage and always lock it.