CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found how investigators are solving more mysteries behind shootings.

More often than before, they’re finding guns that each have been used in multiple crimes.

The ATF in Cleveland tells us investigators are taking more guns off the street, and science is giving police more leads than ever in unsolved cases.

Local ATF agents have a special trailer set up where they fire guns seized by police in NE Ohio.

The shell casings then get analyzed to see if the guns are tied to other crimes.

The Feds are analyzing more guns used in crimes than they ever have before.

ATF Resident Agent-In-Charge Mike Gajewski said, “When you have a bullet, and when it’s fired through a firearm, it’s almost like a thumbprint, a unique thumbprint that’s put on the headstamp of the firearm. So, that’s what we’re looking at.”

Last year, the ATF in Cleveland test-fired more than 3800 of what it calls crime guns. That resulted in more than 2300 leads for local detectives.

And Cuyahoga County prosecutors now see more guns that have been used in multiple crimes. Sometimes, many crimes.

Asst. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Ryan Bokoch said, “The more of these guns being tested, the more crimes are being solved.”

Prosecutors point to the case of Derrell Clinton who was caught on camera robbing and shooting a man.

Investigators say that case resulted in leads in multiple cases.

Still, leads generated by this testing often have to be followed up with a lot of detective work.
Bokoch added, “And, then, we’re looking for the additional evidence of putting that gun in the hand of a person. So, it’s a good start, in some cases, but, then, there’s a lot of external work that needs to be done.”

Prosecutors say they found one gun tied to 20 incidents.

And, they say Derrell Clinton ended up sentenced to Life in prison since he also was convicted of murder.

More gunfire than ever. Now, more work is being done than ever before to find clues to get justice.