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(NEXSTAR) – We all have our lucky charms. Maybe it’s an old-fashioned rabbit foot or a pair of socks. For one Maryland man, it appears a certain hairstyle may bring him some extra luck.

Willaim Daniels Jr. of Baltimore County will occasionally buy a scratch-off ticket, he told the Maryland Lottery last week.

It has paid off before for the aircraft assembly employee. In 2015, Daniels won $100,000 on a scratch-off ticket he purchased with his $50 winnings from another ticket.

Fast forward eight years and Daniels has again won off a scratch-off ticket, landing a $50,000 payout.

The probability of Daniels winning any prize on the game, Gold X50, was 1 in 3.29, according to Maryland Lottery. When it came to the $100K top prize, however, there were only 10 possible winning tickets.

How did he win again? Daniels credited his hair.

As he explained to the Maryland Lottery, Daniels had long hair in 2015 when he first won off a scratcher. Until recently, he was wearing his hair short but had decided to grow it longer again.

“I’m going to stick with long hair when I play scratch-offs,” he said while receiving his winnings.

With his new payout, Daniels said he plans to put it toward paying for his wedding.

Don’t think you have lucky locks? There are other ways lottery players say you can “sway” your odds.

A Washington woman recently came forward to claim her $747 million Powerball jackpot and said that a “sign” prompted her to buy the ticket. Last year, an Iowa man said that he believes a mistake by a local convenience clerk lead to him winning $1 million Mega Millions prize.