*Attached video: Amazing view of a momma koala with a ‘joey in the pouch’

CLEVLAND (WJW) – The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has officially welcomed a male koala joey named Bulu!

Bulu was born to mom Mackenzie and dad Nyoonbi back in March. Zoo keepers believe he was born on March 20, according to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Facebook page

Keepers at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo finally got an up-close look at the zoo’s newest koala joey in September. 

“Joeys typically stay in mom’s pouch for 5-7 months while they grow and nurse,” the zoo said in a statement

Pouch movements were first spotted on May 30, according to the zoo.

“Bulu is out of the pouch now, and can be seen riding on mom’s back or clinging to her belly! He has already started to mouth eucalyptus, and will soon begin eating it!” the zoo said.

According to the zoo, this is Machekzie’s third joey and Nyoonbi’s fourth joey.