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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio- A couple driving home helps save an elderly man from his burning home. But in an unexpected twist, it appears losing his home, might have actually saved the man’s life.

“On the way home, we saw this big ball of smoke, and as we came around the corner, you could see the flames shooting out of the garage,” explained Tina Pfahler.

Around 7:30 Thursday evening, Lloyd and Tina Pfahler encountered a house engulfed in flames.  It was on Revere Drive in North Ridgeville.

“I could see the guy inside the house,” she said.

So the couple stopped their car to help.

“I ran around and actually pulled his sliding glass door, his screen completely off and was screaming for him, trying to find out if he had a wife or if he had children, maybe a child or a pet or something in the house,” she said.

“He seemed a little bit disoriented, probably from the smoke inhalation, we were able to get him out,” said Lloyd Pfahler.

The 75-year-old man said he was the only one inside. Lloyd and Tina then took him to a neighbor’s house.

“There were quite a few explosions during our visit,” said Lloyd Pfahler.

“We put him on the driveway, on the chair, covered him with a coat. I didn’t know if that would bring him shock or what. He asked for water; we gave him water,” said the neighbor, who did not want us reveal his name.

“When he was sitting there, to me, it seemed a little more than just smoke inhalation because of the way he was grabbing his chest,” said Tina Pfahler.

North Ridgeville firefighters took the man to Saint John Medical Center, but according to his neighbor, doctors had to treat him for more than smoke inhalation.

“This was the way they found out he had a blockage, so, surgery today according to his son-in-law, and let’s hope for the best for the man,” said the neighbor.

“I think God puts you in the right place at the right time,” said Tina.

The neighbor tells FOX 8, there is no question in his mind that losing his house may have actually saved his neighbor’s life.

North Ridgeville fire investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire. They estimate the damage to be around $110,000.

No word on the victim’s current condition.

**Watch the Facebook Live interview with the couple in the video, below**