(WJW) — It’s been more than four years and hundreds of miles since John, the husband of FOX 8’s Tracy McCool, was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer — “but we finally made it,” McCool said.

John is now in a clinical trial at University Hospitals, McCool shared Thursday in an encouraging Instagram update on her husband’s cancer journey.

“These past few months we’ve driven hundreds of miles back-and-forth to scans, scopes, MRI’s, labs, biopsies and screenings. John finally landed in a clinical trial at University Hospitals! These studies are not easy to get into and the waiting can be agonizing,” McCool wrote. “We are exhausted, but super excited and extremely grateful. A huge thank you to John’s doctors, nurses and all his friends at the Cleveland Clinic who helped us get here.”

John was first diagnosed in 2018, and has since been treated at the Cleveland Clinic. He’s undergone multiple clinical trials and nearly 100 rounds of cancer treatment, all documented on social media.

“We are hopeful this immunotherapy will be gentle on John and wreak havoc on this nasty disease! Cancer never takes a day off! Guess what? Neither do we!!” McCool wrote.

FOX 8 wishes Tracy, John and their family the best as they continue their journey.