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ELYRIA, Ohio — When an Elyria man woke up early Friday and found a burglar trying to steal electronics from his living room, he fought back.

Lieutenant Andrew Eichenlaub of the Elyria Police Department told Fox 8 reporter Elisa Amigo that the 53-year-old Water Street man pulled out a gun and fired shots when the 29-year-old burglary suspect lunged at him.

The man had been sleeping downstairs with a gun because someone had broken into his home the previous morning and stolen a TV, Elyria police said.

Investigators say it appears as though the same burglar returned to the home the next morning, and was shot after he crawled in through an unlocked window.

The suspect, identified as Jeffrey B. Carson, was taken to Elyria Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Eichenlaub said the burglar was not armed.

According to Eichenlaub, the homeowner and his wife were not hurt.

An investigation is underway. At this point, it does not appear that charges will be filed. Ohio’s Castle Doctrine gives homeowners the right to defend themselves from intruders.