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ATLANTA, Ga. (WJW) — Support is pouring in for a homeless man who rescued 16 cats and dogs during a fire at a Georgia animal rescue that works with at-risk youth.

The electrical fire broke out Dec. 18 at W-Underdogs in Atlanta.

Keith Walker, 33, has done work for the facility over the years, and it shelters his pit bull, Bravo, frequently, TODAY reports.

Walker was there the day of the fire to walk his dog and saw the flames. He asked another homeless man to call 911 before going into the shelter to save the animals, according to TODAY.

He rescued 10 cats and six dogs. None were injured.

W-Underdogs says on Facebook it is “not only a shelter but a youth organization that empowers children in Atlanta’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods to make a difference in their community. Our youth take part in rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for hundreds of animals each year. They also reach out to support families affected by these difficult times with food and shelter and basic veterinary care for their dogs.”

In a Facebook post, the facility said: “Keith embodied the spirit of W-Underdogs when he saved our animals in their time of need.”

Luckily, the rescue had been preparing to lease a new facility that was to be its new headquarters. The animals were all able to be relocated there.

Now, the shelter is working to handle a flood of requests from people who would like to help Walker. It says it is exploring how to best manage donations made on his behalf.

A Facebook post states: “Please understand that the issues surrounding Mr. Walker’s homelessness are complex, and we need to proceed with care. Toward this end, we will be seeking an organization experienced in working with homeless and vulnerable populations to be his advocate and ensure that his needs, wishes, safety and well-being are taken into account.”

A GoFundMe account has also been set up for donations to Walker.