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PORT CLINTON – A cryptic hit list targeting law enforcement officers has police officials in two Ohio counties on high alert. The list was found at Graytown Park Sunday evening .

“Right at the very top of it there are six stick figures and an ‘X’ that says dead cops, so that’s very disturbing,” said Ottawa County Sheriff Stephen Levorchick.

He said the FBI was notified because the list can’t be taken lightly, especially with the recent shootings of officers all over the country including in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

The list was found behind a garage at the park, and according to the sheriff, the note also had the names of four residents, and listed several area departments including Lake Township, in neighboring Wood County.

Detective Aaron Leist of the Lake Township Police Department said they are asking officers to make pay extra close attention to their surroundings.

“We just want everyone to be very alert,” Leist said.