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MASSILLON, Ohio – Nicole Morgan says she was abruptly awakened early Wednesday by a loud crash. She looked outside to find her brother-in-law’s car crushed against a utility pole.

Bob Morgan went outside and found the car moved about eight-feet from where he had parked it in front of their 17th Street house.

“I came out and saw my car is in shambles,” said Morgan. “I was kind of upset, but what can you do?”

“The rear axle is split in two, the gas tank was laying on the ground,” said his brother Michael. “We kept telling Bob at least you weren’t in the vehicle.”

Also on the ground was something else left behind by the person who hit Morgan’s car.

“They drove off without their bumper and left me with their bumper and license plate,” said Morgan.

The plate took police to the home of Vanessa Miller, 31, who lives not far away. They also found a badly damaged 2007 Toyota Corolla that was missing the bumper found at the scene.

Even though police did not observe her behind the wheel of the car Miller was charged with hit skip, failure to control, and OVI.

“It wasn’t like hours later that they made the arrest,” said Massillon Police Sergeant J.J. DiLoretto. “I’m not exactly sure how much time had expired but obviously they felt there was enough to take her and they did place her under arrest.”

Morgan says he was taking very good care of the car that was crushed because it had sentimental value.

“It was a vehicle my mom helped him purchase and she’s no longer with us, so it’s difficult,” said his brother.

Both understand, however, that it could have been worse.

“Like I keep saying, I’m just glad nobody got hurt.” said Bob Morgan.

“When we get behind the wheel of a car you know its not just us we have to worry about, we have to worry about everybody else,” said Nichole.

Sgt. DiLoretto says it is an example of why Massillon Police take OVI seriously.

“There could have been other vehicles that could have been coming into the area and that person could have made contact with them and then we would have probably have had an injury accident.”