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HIRAM, Ohio (WJW) — Major changes are coming to Hiram College this year.

Provided that Gov. DeWine allows Ohio schools to reopen this fall, that starts with everyone living on campus getting their own private room for the same price of a shared one.

“No college can guarantee a student’s health and physical well-being,” President Lori Varlotta said in a statement. “But giving all students in the traditional halls a private room is a perk that means a lot at this particular time.”   

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College life has been drastically altered nationwide since the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines took hold, with most classrooms going online.

Hiram College plans to continue that virtual learning over the summer. And these classes are also going to be available for free to all students (including incoming ones) every summer through their junior year at the school.

The liberal arts school also announced that the fall semester is being pushed back to Aug. 31, from the original start date of Aug. 24, and plans to grant more flexibility to those aiming to earn a degree.