Editor’s Note: The video above is about a local and unrelated overdose investigation.

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia (WJW) – The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) in Virginia has launched an investigation into a series of opioid-related overdoses involving students at one high school.

Over the past three weeks, the sheriff reports seven students have overdosed.

Four of those overdoses happened on campus, the department says.

Of the four overdoses at the school, three required Narcan to be revived.

The sheriff’s department says school staff had to revive two of the overdose victims with CPR.

“All the overdoses appear to involve fentanyl, which is commonly found in the form of a counterfeit 30 mg oxycodone pill that is blue, circular, and may be stamped ‘M30,’” the sheriff’s office writes.

In response to these alarming incidents, the LCSO has deployed additional resources to Park View High School, aiming to identify the source and distribution of the opioids.

Sheriff Mike Chapman of the LCSO expressed concern and emphasized the commitment to finding those responsible for distributing the drugs.

“We know the overwhelming number of Park View students are responsible and care about the safety of their school, and we are putting all available resources into identifying who is responsible for distributing these lethal drugs,” Sheriff Chapman stated.

He further offered assistance to the school in implementing additional educational and security measures while urging continued communication with the Park View community.

Dr. Aaron Spence, Superintendent of LCPS, expressed his concern and sadness over the crisis affecting the Park View community.

“I think it is important to note that the issue of addiction is truly at play here. When students come to school, we want them to learn and thrive. But, most of all we want them to live. We must, as a community, come together to find ways to help our young people who are facing these issues,” Dr. Spence said in a press release.

None of the students involved has been identified.

The sheriff’s office reports there have been 18 overdoses at the high school this school year.