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CLEVELAND (WJW) — High gas prices in Ohio are marching on, although nearly $.30 below the national average of $3.61.

Statewide, Ohioans are paying $3.33 at the pump slightly rising from last week’s average of $3.32 – but a huge jump from the $2.70 average across the state just one year ago, according to AAA.

Clevelanders are paying an average of $3.36 this week with the lowest at $2.99.

AAA says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine agitated the oil market causing crude to spike briefly to over $100/bbl before settling back into the mid-$90s.

“Russia’s invasion and the responding escalating series of financial sanctions by the U.S. and its allies have given the global oil market the jitters,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “Like the U.S. stock market, the oil market responds poorly to volatility. It’s an explosive situation, and a grim reminder that events on the far side of the globe can have a ripple effect for American consumers.”  

Today’s national average for a gallon of gas is $3.61, which is 26 cents more than a month ago and 90 cents more than a year ago.

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