(WJW) — A Frenchmen has won a 7-year legal battle after being fired from his consulting job for reportedly not being “fun.”

The man, who is referred to only as Mr. T in legal documents, was let go from Cubik Partners in Paris in 2015 after not participating in happy hours and other team-building events.

The Court of Cassation — the highest in France — recently ruled this is not a valid reason to fire an employee.

While the company claimed the man was officially fired for “professional incompetence,” specifically not going along with the “fun” culture in the building, the man’s lawyers argued there was a seedy underbelly to what occurred during these events.

“Excessive alcoholism [was] encouraged by colleagues who made very large quantities of alcohol available,” court documents stated, and “practices pushed by colleagues involved promiscuity, bullying and incitement to various excesses.”

The former employee was awarded what equals about $3,100 in damages and more money may be coming his way.