(WJW) – Have you ever wanted the flavor of Hidden Valley Ranch to also be in your sweet treats? Well, 2023’s National Ranch Day is your lucky day!

Hidden Valley has partnered with ice cream brand Van Leeuwen to create ranch-flavored ice cream to celebrate National Ranch Day on March 10.

According to a press release on behalf of Walmart, the new flavor is described as a blend of savory and sweet.

The Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream flavor will be available exclusively at Walmart across the country starting on March 20.

Also available exclusively at Walmart are six more new spring Van Leeuwen flavors:

  • Limoncello Cake: A twist on the Italian classic. This is a lemon ice cream with pieces of sweet brown sugar cake. Favoloso! 
  • Carrot Cake: Just in time for Easter, this is a cheesecake ice cream with pieces of carrot cake mixed in.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry lovers will love this flavor. This is a vanilla ice cream with swirls of strawberry and pieces of strawberry shortcake. 
  • Sweet Maple Cornbread: A sweet maple ice cream with pieces of cornbread. The perfect pick if you’re craving fall flavors this spring. 
  • Blood Orange Chocolate Chip: A sweet cream ice cream with swirls of blood orange and dark chocolate chips. 
  • Honey Graham Cracker: What’s one of the best parts about pie? The crust of course. This is a brown sugar ice cream with pieces of graham cracker pie crust and swirls of honey.  

In July 2021, Van Leeuwen released a limited-edition mac & cheese-flavored ice cream with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. It was made using actual powdered cheese from their macaroni boxes.