(WJW) – “Which FOX 8 morning show personality thought about going to clown college?”

That was the question on Wednesday morning’s SUPERSIZED Coffee Quiz, where FOX 8 viewers call in for a chance to win $500 and a pair of Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets.

The correct answer to Wednesday’s question was Patty Harken, who also revealed a hidden talent. It turns out the traffic reporter is skilled at riding a unicycle.

The team shared a video of Harken riding a unicycle from back in August.

Harken also joked that while she can only ride the one-wheeled bicycle frontwards, she can also “fall off of it very well too now these days.”

And while she never did pursue her thoughts of going to “clown college,” the team joked it’s never too late for a second act! But, we’d rather her stay here with us!