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(WKBN) – A few weeks ago, First News brought you a story about Dave Nelson, the Mahoning County deputy dog warden, who was stabbed by a man who was dragging a dog by a chain. Dave was trying to help the dog at the time.

Dave has gotten some inspiration as he recovers from being stabbed on the job. The dog he was trying to help has been named Nelson.

The dog was taken to a shelter and eventually to a new home.

George Zordich recently lost his dog and was thinking about adopting a new one. He and his daughters went to various animal shelters, but Nelson stole their hearts immediately.

“He was the first one they brought out, and they fell in love with him, and we went home and thought about it for a week and went back and we got him,” George said. “He gets along with the kids perfectly. They play… From the moment we introduced them, they were just like best friends. Outside all day playing and just having a good time.”

“We’re just so thankful that we have Nelson. He fits with us perfectly. He’s so calm and gentle, and he’s just a blessing,” said Bethany Gillespie .

The family is glad that they were able to adopt Nelson. They say they are blessed to have such a special dog.

“The whole situation is just terrible. I think, when you look at him and — he’s just got those eyes. We tell each other all the time. It’s like you’re looking at a person and talking to him. He looks back at you. You can tell that there’s something special,” George said.

Nelson was given the name Nelson after what Deputy Dave Nelson did for him. The family has no plans of changing that.

“We felt that you can’t change a name like that after what Dave did for him, so he’s Nelson forever,” George said.

Nelson now has plenty of little ones to grow up with.