(WJW) — Friday, March 24, also known as National Cocktail Day, is an excuse to indulge in an adult beverage with some friends.

According to recent geotagged Twitter data in a press release, Ohioans would likely enjoy a nice margarita, as is the case with residents in most states.

The map above shows geotagged Twitter data in the last 3 months, tracking the most mentioned cocktail through tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases in every state. Over 260,000 tweets were tracked.

Margarita’s were mentioned the most in a whopping 26 states with old fashions in far second at 17 states:

Margarita – 26 states
Old Fashioned – 17 states
Bloody Mary – 4 states
Pina Colada – 1 states
Moscow Mule – 1 state
Mai Tai – 1 state

The map was put together by the grilling and food experts at CookOut News here.