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(WJW) – Despite inflation, a recent report from Toast Inc., which specializes in restaurant trends and sales, says people are tipping more at restaurants than last year.

According to the report, tips are up about 10% and in-person dinners are tipping on average 19.7%.

Those who order delivery or take out tipped an average of 14.5%

The report also broke down the states with the biggest tippers on average.

Ohio came in the top 5 on the list.

The list of most generous tippers includes:

  • Indiana (21%)
  • West Virginia (20.8%)
  • Ohio (20.7%)
  • Delaware (20.7%)
  • Kentucky (20.7%)

And if you were wondering which states tipped the least…

  • California (17.5%)
  • Washington (18.3%)
  • Florida (18.5%)
  • New York (18.5%)
  • Hawaii (18.8%)
  • Texas (18.8%)
  • Nevada (18.8%)