CLEVELAND (WJW) — As 2023 gets underway, many people are returning to the gym to commit to their New Year’s resolution of being fit.

At the Tremont Athletic Club, many people are already getting a leg-up on their fitness goals.

“Mainly to stay alive,” said 74-year-old Richard Powell. “Early deaths in my family, dad at 56, mom at 65, so I’m hoping to extend that quite a bit.”

Personal trainer Ricky Buoncore said resolutions are a good starting point, but really, it’s about being accountable.

“Whether that’s a class you like to go to, a friend you like to work out with or a personal trainer — just somebody to keep you consistent until it becomes a habit,” he said.

Mica Wiley is not a part of the resolution crowd, but knows the value of committing to your goals. She said working out is a step toward building a better you from the inside out.

“I think the biggest way to build self-confidence is to keep promises that you make to yourself,” Wiley said. “So, every goal, whether it’s little or big — anything you commit to for yourself builds self-confidence. If you can do that in the gym, you can do that anywhere.”

Claire Zajaczkowski doesn’t necessarily buy into the resolution concept but does have her own fitness goals established for 2023.

“That’s why I’m in the gym on any sort of regular basis,” she said. “So, I think that even for myself pretending it’s a New Year’s resolution can be helpful.”

Buoncore said the biggest step is getting off the couch and getting started.

“For me it’s repetition over time,” he said. “I think at the beginning, motivation is the second part. You kind of just have to get started and stick with it long enough, and it becomes easier.”

He said staying on the wagon is tough, but well worth it in the long run because fitness is an investment in yourself.

“For me, the beginning is mindset,” Buoncore said. “You can start with diet, you can start with exercise, but until you change the way you think about it and the way you think about your health, it’s gonna be tough to stick with.

“So, if you can start by changing your mindset, changing your perspective — that’s the best way to create sustainable results.”