CLEVELAND (WJW) — Whether you’re going back-to-school shopping, preparing to restart payments on your student loans or just feeling the impact of inflation, everyone could use some extra spending cash.

Several Ohioans’ pockets just got deeper this week after they hit it big on scratch-offs and even a Pick 5, according to the Ohio Lottery.

Three winners claimed a top prize on Friday

Elizabeth Kohl of Kingsville won a half a million with a $10 Cashword scratch-off she purchased at Ashtabula Food Mart on North Ridge Road East. After mandatory state and federal tax, she’ll receive $360,000.

Terry Clark of Frazeysburg also won the top prize of $500,000 with a $10 Cashword scratch-off purchased at New Beginnings Drive Thru at 48 East 3rd St in Frazeysburg. After taxes, Clark will receive $360,000.    

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Mary Kline of Mogadore won $100,000 on the $5 Bingo X25 scratch-off she purchased at a Marc’s store on West Maple Street in Hartville. After taxes, she’ll take home $72,000.

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Two winners snagged large amounts

Luis Serra of Youngstown won $25,000 playing Pick 5. He’ll end up taking home $18,000 after taxes. The Mahoning Gas Mart in Youngstown sold him the winning ticket.

Robert Beres of Strongsville played the EZPlay Progressive Game Going Pro and won the $24,307 jackpot after purchasing a ticket at the Draft House in Pearl Road in Brunswick. After taxes, he’ll be $17,501.04 richer.

Other notable wins

Four others won $20,000 with three of them playing the $10 Cash Blowout scratch-offs and one playing EZPLAY Lucky Bet. They’ll each take home $14,400 after taxes, of course.