(WJW) – He is known best for his role as “Fonzie” on the hit 1970’s TV show “Happy Days,” but he is also a director, producer, comedian, and author.

In his new memoir, Being Henry: The Fonz… and Beyond, Henry Winkler shares many of his life stories and how challenges faced over the years shaped who he is today.

On Thursday, ‘The Fonz’ stopped by FOX 8 to promote his new book and shared a few laughs, as well as some personal stories. During the visit, he touched on everything from his childhood, and a first job that paid just $125 per week, to how he landed the role of Arthur Fonzarelli and when he met his wife.

In the video clip below, he shares with Stefani Schaffer and Todd Meany where the cast of Happy Days is today and reflects on the lifetime friendship they share.

In his role as ‘Fonzie,’ Winkler played a slick-talking, tough guy character. In the show’s opening, Winkler, who arrived at Fox 8 in limo thanks to Apellis, famously cruised in on a motorcycle but shared with FOX 8 a confession that he’s never actually ridden a motorcycle — at least not well.

You can hear the surprising confession in the video clip below.

And have you ever heard of ‘The Winkler?’ Neither has anyone else — until today.

Henry Winkler shared with FOX 8 the sandwich he waits all year to eat and also gets a little taste of a sandwich Cleveland has to offer

Will ‘The Fonzie’ inspired creation show up on a menu soon? Find out in the video clip below.

You can hear more from Henry Winkler in the video clip at the top of this page.

His memoir, Being Henry: The Fonz… and Beyond, is available now.

Henry Winkler has also partnered with Apellis on an awareness campaign to educate people about Geographic Atrophy, an advanced form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Henry’s late father-in-law, with whom he was very close, suffered from vision loss due to AMD which cost him his dental practice, his ability to drive and recognizing his own grandchildren.

As part of the campaign, Henry is encouraging Americans over the age of 60 to monitor and discuss vision changes with their eye doctor and click here.