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VALLEY VIEW, OH — There’s a new excavator operator at a Valley View construction site, and he’s only four years old. His name is Jordan Weissfuss.

“This has been just a big dream of his. He loves excavators. It started though when he was maybe 1 1/2, 2. You know we’d see them out when we’d go for rides or watch Blippi,” said Jordan’s mom Ashley.
On Friday, Jordan got to live out his dream, working alongside the Independence Excavating team.

“To be involved in something like this, to grant a wish for this little boy is just something that encompasses what we all are trying to do,” said Carrie Sears, Philanthropic Program and Community Engagement Specialist at DiGeronimo Companies.

The company partnered with A Special Wish Cleveland Chapter to make it all happen. “This is our NP4 kids when I grow up program. We partner with Nuremberg Paris the law firm that sponsors this program,” said Director of Wish Granting Emily Pitera.

Jordan was born with a rare congenital heart defect called Shone’s Complex. “He required surgery when he was 6 days old, so he was in the ICU for quite some time. And when he was 8 months old he had his aortic valve replaced so he’s quite a trooper,” said Ashley.

Jordan is one of 12 kids a year that is able to benefit from the NP4 Kids When I Grow Up Program. “It creates some normalcy for our families and it really does something so special for them and does help them dream further and bigger,” said Pitero.

This project was certainly bigger than the site Jordan normally works in. “In the backyard, Jordan has his own little dirt mound and he has what some cones, and you have your own excavator, he likes to dig in it every day,” said Ashley.

Jordan got a chance to tour the site — excited to point out the machines he knows so well. “We are yeah, very happy to bring them along and see what kind of exposure we can give to them in the industry,” said Sears.

Jordan was gifted with his own excavator to take home, where he can practice the skills he learned from his day on the job.

A Special Wish Cleveland has about 300 wish families in their organization that they work with.